~~ Eunha ~~ Milchstraße

Mena, 22 years of age, AUSTRIAN
dancing Irish Dance since 11 years & teaching at my parents dancing school
I love Animals <3 especially Big Cats & Wolfes
Check out my Pages, thats what inspires me and keeps me going :)
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  • “ Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. This time, more intelligently. ”

    —    Henry Ford
    whaaaat?! there is no coffeeshop company store anymore at that part of the airport?! are you kidding me?!.


    there’s that new Italian shop instead of the old one. and I don’t like it :( I was looking forward to enjoy some good coffee!! *argh*

    anyway..I’m finally sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to London :D aaaand nothing can stop me today!! so I’ll just go and…

    haha yup…good coffee is all :D thanks honey
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